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Conventional Rates

4.125 %

4.210 %APR


Low Fixed Rates For 30 Years

FHA Rates

3.625 %

3.798 %APR


Minimum of 3.5% Down

VA Rates

3.625 %

3.721 %APR


100% VA Loan With No Private Mortgage Insurance

USDA Rates

3.875 %

4.101 %APR


100% Financing In Rural Areas

"Rates, terms, and fees as of 01/20/2020 and subject to change without notice."

Best Mortgage Rates in Pflugerville Texas

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Prodigy Lending Home Loans In Pflugerville, Texas


The prices of properties are skyrocketing at astonishing speed in Pflugerville. However, this should never curtail you as all you need is to apply for a home loan program. we here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans offers different types of home loans, as we burn candles at both ends to ensure that we satisfy all the needs of our clients. We take great pride in being the leading lending company in the city, which has been brought about by our top-notch services and products. You can, therefore, trust us in providing you with the best mortgage that you can never find anywhere else in the country. With the mortgage professionals that we have within our team, you can never go wrong by choosing us to be your lender. Join our bandwagon today by giving us a call or walk through our doors and we will gladly help you. 

Conventional Home Loan 

A conventional home loan is one of the many home loan programs that we offer here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans. We take great pride in offering the conventional home loan that is not only very affordable due to the low-interest costs and mortgage insurance, but also the low down payment of 3% that it attracts. In addition, we do not charge any lender fees for our conventional home loan. This, in turn, goes a long way in helping you save on your resources, which you can use for other errands

FHA Home Loan 

Another home loan program that we are known for here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans. Our FHA home loan speaks for itself, owing to the low-interest rates that it attracts, which help our clients to save on their finances. In addition, this home loan program has lenient requirements for one to qualify, which makes it very easy to qualify. This, therefore, means that in case you have a high debt to income ratio, you still stand a chance of qualifying for the loan, as we never want to discriminate on anyone here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans. 

VA and USDA Home Loan 

Here at Prodigy Lending Home Loans, we also cater for the veterans and low-income earners, by offering them with VA and USDA home loans respectively. The good thing with the two home loan programs is that they attract very low-interest rates and mortgage insurance costs, thus helping you save. In addition, they also offer you with 100% financing of buying your first home in Pflugerville. To cap it off, the VA and USDA home loans have very lenient guidelines, thus becoming one of the home loan programs that are easy to qualify and get.

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